Let us help you to discover in depth a very limited number of NEVER SEEN BEFORE, UNEXPECTED, BOLD, FUTURISTIC luxury Destinations & their Ecosystem.

What we do

• We identify the most amazing new possibilities when it comes to Ultra Luxury Destinations.
• We analyse the criteria that matters for high end travellers (history, culture, sustainability,...)
• We verify by being there several times on long stays (minimum 5 days each time for each destination in the Destination) in the same context and condition of affluent travellers.
• We report on the most prestigious & influential global media like Cleverdis media.
• We relay the communication of these exceptional Destinations through social networks, luxury books, our website sa-fe.org and our private and very qualified social network (Linkedin).

First selected Destination – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

On April 25, 2016, the young Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Ben Salman al Saoud, launched the Vision 2030 project provoking reactions of skepticism and disbelief.
After carefully following the evolution of this project since its conception, SAFE has now decided to study for you, luxury tourism professionals and high-end travelers, the story of this incredible challenge, particularly in the field of tourism and the incredible opportunities existing there.

Starting May 2022, SAFE, through a series of podcasts embellished with aquarelle paints in the form of a «road book», will relay the progress of the myriads of tourism projects linked to this ambition and the reality of the achievements.

These podcasts will be posted on Instagram, relayed by the prestigious & influential global media of Cleverdis and then compiled for publication in the form of 3 books. The first one will be presented to its target readership on the occasion of Word Tourism Day in Riyadh in 2023 and ATM 2023, the second volume in 2026 with a particular focus on NEOM and its first two years of operation and finally the third volume will be published in the form of a global assessment on the occasion of the festivities which will accompany the centenary of the foundation of Saudi Arabia by Ibn Saud.

Business Model

SAFE is paid by the media and consulting companies using its research & editorial contents and by the Destinations wishing to benefit from SAFE experience & Know How to promote themselves through networking & dedicated communication tools.


SAFE (www.sa-fe.org) has been founded and is managed by Gérard LEFEBVRE, former founder & CEO Cleverdis (www.cleverdis.com). After more than 20 years in the field of Travel, Tourism & Hospitality, Gérard LEFEBVRE has acquired an international recognition to deliver true, verified and useful information to TO&TA as well as affluent travellers WW.